Working In Your Old Outfit

19 April 2017

As of this week, more than 800 employees in all Stayokay hostels will work in clothing made from 100% recycled material.

When the clothing is worn out, new circular corporate clothing is made for us. This makes Stayokay the first Dutch company to manu­facture and wear fully recycled uniforms from old work clothes!

Reunited and it feels so good

The first generation of outerwear for Stayokay employees is made from 100% recycled material, consisting of used clothing and discarded plastic bottles. The next generation will be made from the employees' collected, discarded work clothing, after which it will be reunited with the employees. So there's a good chance that an employee will find fibers from their old clothing (after a long journey and a great adventure) back in their new work outfit. In addition, all employees receive MUD jeans, which are fully recyclable.

Ecological footprint

The clothing has a label (REMOkey) on which you can read exactly how much energy, CO2 emissions and water have been saved by producing the recycled material, as well as the amount of recycled material (100%!). The outerwear has saved 5,968,411 liters of water (100%), 3,237 kg of CO2 emissions (56%) and 15,927 kWh of energy (47%) compared to regular production for Stayokay.

The right fit

Stayokay, REMOkey, MUD jeans and Schijvens Corporate Fashion share the conviction that as a person, but also as a company, we're responsible for our share in the circular economy. And that's why we jointly pursue one goal: to work gradually towards being an organisation where waste is no longer waste, but a raw material for new products. In concrete terms, we do this by joining forces and together, in the most sustainable way, produce corporate clothing for all employees and recycle it after use, so that future generations can also enjoy this clothing and world.

A strong story

"We want to enthuse our 800 employees, 450,000 yearly guests, suppliers and local residents (in short, everyone who comes into contact with Stayokay) in making sustainable choices". This collaboration is a good example of how you can strengthen each other as a company and brand in this area ".
-General director Marijke Schreiner