From NJHC to Stayokay

We go way back! To 1929 in fact.

The Nederlandse Jeugdherberg Centrale (NJHC) was founded in 1929. In these days, youth (both from and outside the city) emancipated and were looking for adventure throughout the country. What was it like to experience culture and nature at a different location in the country?

Long live youth (hostels)

The NJHC offered these youngsters a simple and responsible location to stay and meet others. No matter your life philosophy, origin or social class, at NJHC they were all united.

Throughout the years, these locations were developed into modern hostels. From a great diversity of national and international guests, to private or shared rooms with a bathroom to a professional kitchen. Little by little, NJHC trans­formed into Stayokay...

NJHC vibe

Did you know that, at the height of the NJHC, there were no less than 70 youth hostels in the Netherlands? This was back in 1935. Nowadays, you can find Stayokay hostels at 21 unique locations throughout the Netherlands.

Some of these have been around for ages, others are brand new. Many of the hostels have been completely renovated. This way we opt for comfort, atmospheric living rooms and endeavour to better the environment. However, the NJHC vibe will always be part of our identity.

And then came Stayokay

Over 90 years, what a time... Luckily we don't feel old. In fact, we have more energy than ever before! A lot has changed and modernized over the years.

In 2003 the name changed from NJHC to Stayokay and we have now received millions of Dutch and international guests. From families to sports groups and from companies to schools: everyone is welcome. And be assured that everyone will go home with a backpack full of beautiful memories of encounters and adventures.