Your own Ceramics Creation

If you’ve got a soft spot for earthenware and porcelain, take a look in the workplace and shop of Esther van Groeningen. In her Ceramics Atelier in Arnhem, you can find special hand-made gifts and can try your hand at it during a workshop.

“At the Arnhems Keramiek Atelier, you can discover how much fun it can be to work with baked clay during a workshop or course.”

Would you like to learn the art of pottery or make a beautiful vase, paint crockery or decorate in the old-Dutch style? The Arnhem Keramiek Atelier has a huge offer of workshops and courses to discover how much fun baked clay can be. The Atelier is also fun outside of workshop times. For instance, admire the ceramic lamps or purchase an item from the recycle cutlery, made of clay that would otherwise be discarded.

Hey, did you know?

Although the ingredients in earthenware and porcelain are the same – water and clay – these are two different products. The ingredient kaolinite (a different type of clay) is added to porcelain. This allows for the creation of thinner products and is harder than earthenware.

  Arnhems Keramiek Atelier
Address: Hommelstraat 57, Arnhem
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Arnhems Keramiek Atelier