Wisdom at Weizigt

A sustainable city farm, a coach house, gardens, a climate greenhouse, an Aquarama, an aviary and an apiary: you will find it all at the Weizigt Sustainability Centre that aims to encourage sustainable thinking and acting.

“From city farm to apiary and from Aquarama to aviary: there’s plenty to discover and learn at Duurzaamheids­centrum Weizigt.”

There is so much to discover on two hectares of unique nature area. Children love the City Farm (the most sustainable one in the Netherlands). You will see animals here you don’t often encounter, such as a Dahomey miniature cow and an Appaloosa miniature horse. Make sure you’re (still) there at feeding time at 16.00, because you can help feed the animals. Aquarama is also impressive, where you can learn about water management in a fun and interactive way.

Hey, did you know?

Coach House Weizigt from 1886 is the heart of Duurzaamheids­centrum Weizigt. It was the property of the De Roo family and had a coach house, horse stables, several workspaces and an official residence. That the family was well-to-do is evidenced by the ceilings with ornamental finishing and the copper engravings above the racks of the horse stalls.

  Duurzaamheidscentrum Weizigt
Address: Van Baerleplantsoen 30, Dordrecht  
Open: check the website
Online: weizigt.nl

Duurzaamheids­centrum Weizigt