Water tower on the Wantij

Hotel, market, garden, restaurant... You may be wondering what doesn’t go on at Villa Augustus, one of Dordrecht’s most popular hot spots. It’s not surprising why as there are so many fun things to do and enjoy. Just don’t think you can keep a discovery like this to yourself!

“Everything growing in the vegetable garden ends up in the kitchen as soon as it has been harvested.”

Villa Augustus is housed in a historic water tower with accompanying pumping station on the Wantij. It stands amid a huge vegetable garden whose harvest goes directly to the restaurant’s kitchen. As such, the season determines what’s on the menu. Not to be missed is the market hall that you see as soon as you set foot in Villa Augustus. It’s difficult to leave empty-handed. Besides a bakery, there is fresh fruit, vegetables and lots of nice gifts. 

Hey, did you know?

On the jetty in the Wantij behind Villa Augustus, there are two small river cruisers. Step on board for a guided tour of Dordrecht’s historic city centre or take a trip along the picturesque river to the Biesbosch National Park.

  Villa Augustus  
Address: Oranjelaan 7, Dordrecht
Open: see website
Online: http://www.villa-augustus.nl

Villa Augustus