For Filthy Feet

When do you have this chance: dredging through the swamp with your feet and rolling through the mud? This is precisely what makes a barefoot path so much fun. Such a path can be found at Hof van Twello, with a shop and cosy greenhouse café for a drink after your adventure. There’s a playing field and covered haystack for the kids.

“If you love adventure, run around in the swamp and roll through the mud on the barefoot path.”

If you’re not one for the beaten tracks, you should certainly follow the barefoot path. At Hof van Twello, they’ve set a beautiful route where you climb over tree trunks, walk through the mud with your bare feet and slide off the slide in the leemkuil (loam pit). You can be as wild as you like. Therefore, we recommend brining an extra set of clothes when walking this path. In addition to the adventure, the path also leads past the gardens of the Hof van Twello, where they grow fruit and vegetables.

Nice to know!

Ever heard of kangkung, yacon or kai choi? These are exotic vegetables Hof van Twello grows. Kangkung, for instance, is Indonesian water spinach and kai choi is a leafy vegetable with a mustard-like flavour. Yacon is a plant of which the sweet roots are edible.


  Hof van Twello
Address: Rijksstraatweg 17, Twello 
Open: 21 March through 1 October Tuesday through Sunday 10.00 to 17.00, 1 October through 21 March Wednesday through Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00; in the summer holiday, the path, shop and eating establishment are opened daily, including on Monday

Hof van Twello