Fish Food in the Oude Haven

If you follow the Eem river upwards up to the Eemmeer lake, you’ll arrive near Bunschoten-Spakenburg: two villages that have knitted together. Spakenburg is a lovely fishing village where you should definitely have some fish in the Oude Haven. The folk costumes in this village are also a must-see.

“In the Oude Haven, you can admire the botter boats and old harbour houses, but be sure to head into the village to see if you can spot a few women wearing traditional clothing.”

The Oude Haven lies in the centre of Spakenburg. For a long time, fishing was the main source of income, but after the construction of the Afsluitdijk and the creation of the polders in the former Zuiderzee, this went downhill. The Oude Haven, now a museum harbour, annually attracts lots of tourists who come to admire the botter boats and old harbour houses. Around the harbour, you can find various (fish) restaurants, but the best fish can definitely be found at Visspecialist De Oude Haven. Nice weather? Recreational beach ‘t Kleine Zeetje is located on the edge of the village.

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Special: there are still a few women in the village who wear traditional clothing. If you don’t happen to encounter them, you can admire the traditional clothing in the Klederdracht- en Visserijmuseum.

  Visspecialist De Oude Haven
Address: Oudeschans 34, Spakenburg

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Visspecialist de Oude Haven