Sights along the Spaarne

A great way of discovering Haarlem is to do what the locals do: rent a boat and get out on the water. The River Spaarne flows past various historic buildings such as the Teylers Museum and De Waag.

“Get out on the Spaarne in a boat and marvel at Haarlem’s many historic buildings from the water.”

Haarlem is also known as Spaarnestad, and for good reason: its strategic location on the River Spaarne was key to the city’s development. This is reflected in all the stately, monumental buildings, old breweries and warehouses overlooking the river. You’ll certainly sail under Gravestenen Bridge. This white double-leaf drawbridge is more than 600 years old and, like the Teylers Museum and De Waag which you pass as you sail towards Heemstede, a photo opportunity. 

Hey, did you know?

The Adriaan is an octagonal tower stage windmill dating back to 1779. Its height and picturesque location along the Spaarne help make it one of the most remarkable structures in Haarlem.

  Met een bootje over het Spaarne 
Address: Koudenhorn, Haarlem (next to Catharijnen bridge)
Open: check the website