Tumbling from the top

It’s no longer a secret that a day at the Climbing Dune in Schoorl is a children’s favourite. The climb to the top is hard work but the best is yet to come: running or rolling back down at full speed. Who’ll reach the bottom first?

“The Climbing Dune is a 51-metre-high sand mountain in the centre of Schoorl where kids have a whale of a time.”

The dunes of Schoorl are among the highest and widest in the Netherlands. You can choose which of the stunning routes along the paths and avenues you take. There’s plenty of things for children to see and do, such as following the two kilometre Gnome Path, wearing a pointed hat and a knapsack on their back, completing challenges on the way. The absolute high point of the Schoorlse Dunes is the 51-metre-high Climbing Dune in the centre of the village.

Hey, did you know?

Next to the Schoorlse Dunes visitor centre, we find the Zandspoor play forest that are guarded by tree folk. There’s a water playground, jumping pit and a climbing rope.

  Schoorsle Dunes
Address: Oorsprongweg 1, 1871 HA Schoorl
Open: Daily
Online: www.duindorpschoorl.nl

Klimduin Schoorl