Tuk-tuk touring

There are many ways of exploring the area. You can do so by bicycle or on foot, but why not try an electric tuk-tuk as an original and fun way of getting around?

Could there be a more enjoyable way of spending an afternoon together than in a covered three-wheeler that you don’t even have to pedal?

“Hop on board a tuk-tuk together and explore the surround­ings without having to pedal.”

The tuk-tuk is usually found in Asia where it is popular as a taxi, but now you can see them in the Achterhoek too. You can rent an electric 7-seater tuk-tuk to go and explore the area around Gorssel. You can follow a marked-out route or find your own way to the many castles and estates with which the region is littered. Remember to pack a knapsack for the road! If you book through Uniek Uitjes, you can set off from Eetcafé de Hoek.

Hey, did you know?

The tuk-tuks are electrically driven so there are no CO2 emissions or fuel smells.

  Tuk-tuk touring
Address: Joppelaan 5, Gorssel (Eetcafé de Hoek)
Open: by appointment
Online: www.uniekeuitjes.nl

Eetcafé de Hoek, Gorssel