Theatrical terrace

If you’re looking for somewhere to have a drink or eat overlooking the Maas, then Café Zuid is for you. This bar has the best terrace in town and is popular with the locals. Hardly surprising with its lovely views of the river, a pond with fountains and an adjoining park.

“After a performance in the Bordenhal, Café Zuid is the place to go to mingle with the theatre makers and actors.”

Café Zuid is housed in a former earthenware factory and shares this magnificent location with Maastricht Theatre Group, one of eight major theatre companies in the Netherlands. After a performance in the Bordenhal, the bar is the place to go to mingle with the theatre makers and actors. It’s particularly busy at weekends. The evening menu offers affordable dishes like satay chicken, veal entrecote or lentil bake. Find a place to sit overlooking the Maas if you can.

Nice to know!

Café Zuid’s address is Plein 1992, a significant year for Maastricht. That year saw the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, which included the commitment to the introduction of a single currency, later known as the euro, to a number of European countries.

  Café Zuid
Address: Plein 1992 no 15, Maastricht
Open: see website

Café Zuid Maastricht