Tandem Jump over Texel

Is skydiving on your bucket list? Seize this opportunity on Texel, because there’s nothing better than to see the island from high above.

You’ll jump from the airplane from a minimum height of three kilometres and calmly soar down.

A rush of adrenaline guaranteed: when you jump from the airplane with your jump master, you’ll fall at a speed of about 200 kilometres per hour.

Paracentrum Texel offers various options, but the simplest way of trying out skydiving is a tandem jump. You don’t have to do a thing, as you’re connect to a jump master. When you jump from the plane together, you’ll fall down at a speed of about 200 kilometres per hour. That’s the free fall. After half a minute, the parachute opens and you can admire the island’s beautiful landscape while soaring in the sky.

Hey, did you know?

The difference between skydiving and parachuting? Skydiving refers to parachuting with a free fall. Your parachute won’t open immediately when you jump from the plane.

  Paracentrum Texel
Address: Postweg 128, De Cocksdorp 
Open: see website
Online: paracentrumtexel.nl

Paracentrum Texel