Take-away Terschelling

At Lokaal we have everything the island has to offer. From sheep’s cheese with fenugreek to cranberry sauce and pound cake. You can also drink a coffee (or take one out) and grab a sandwich for the boat trip or to nibble in the dunes.

“If you’re about to head back home, pop into Lokaal for some island specialities.”

It isn’t hard to find Lokaal. From the ferry, you walk along the street that goes slightly uphill. The small food shop is just on the left behind a white facade. This is the place to be to stock up for your cycle ride or hike. You can also quickly grab a few tasty island specialities before embarking on the boat home. There’s pound cake, cranberry sauce, sheep’s cheese with fenugreek, island bonbons, Jutters-Bitter etc. for you to take with you and enjoy at home. 

Nice to know!

Terschelling is the birthplace of cranberries in the Netherlands. After a shipwreck washed this particular berry ashore on the island, it took root in the dunes. Since then, it’s been a small industry. If you’d like to know more about cranberries on Terschelling, cycle to De Bessenschuur, where you can enjoy a delicious cranberry cheesecake and visit the museum of the island’s cranberry culture in the attic. 

Address: Torenstraat 3, West-Terschelling
Open: see website
Online: www.facebook.com/lokaalterschelling

Lokaal Terschelling