Subterranean secrets

Limburg is the province of caves and no fewer than 750 km of tunnel networks. But what do you actually know about caves? At MergelRijk in Valkenburg, you can learn all about the region’s underground secrets. You will also be able to work with marlstone.

“How are caves formed, why were they used and what can you do with Marl? Find out at MergelRijk!”

At MergelRijk, you can find out all there is to know about how the Limburg caves were formed, why they were used and what you can do with marl. If you want to visit a cave, then Valkenburg has several options. For instance, near MergelRijk there is the Ghost Cave where you can go on a ghost-hunting tour of the dark galleries. Perhaps just as much – or even more – fun is cave biking. You can ride a specially made cave bike along an 8 to 10 km course through the cave network. 

Nice to know!

Besides MergelRijk, another place worth visiting is the Coal Mine where you can discover everything about the world of mining. To make it even more interesting, the guides are former miners.

Address: Daalhemerweg 31a, Valkenburg aan de Geul
Open: daily from 11am to 5pm