Stroll through De Slufter

No holiday on Texel is complete without a walk through De Slufter.

This unique nature reserve a system of creeks that occasionally floods. Its open connection with the North Sea, makes it an ideal habitat for plants like sea lavender and glasswort, that thrive in salt water.

“In De Slufter Valley, the North Sea has free rein, so you can walk through a system of creeks that sometimes turns purple with sea lavender.”

De Slufter is an excellent example of how a failed plan can still work out well. Initially the idea was to reclaim the area for agriculture, but as this failed to take off, the decision was taken to leave the channel open to the sea. Consequently, the North Sea was given free rein and a beautiful system of creeks has formed. Sometimes, when there’s a storm, the whole area is entirely flooded and in spring De Slufter turns purple with sea lavender.

Hey, did you know?

The largest section of De Slufter is a bird breeding ground and sanctuary. For this reason, you are only allowed to walk along the southern part.

  De Slufter
Address: Slufterweg 1, De Cocksdorp
Open: from sunrise to sunset 

De Slufter Cocksdorp