Stroll along the sand

No holiday at Egmond aan Zee can be complete without a hike along the beach. If you’d like a mouth-watering goal, set out on a good hour’s walk from Zilte Zoen restaurant to Strandpaviljoen Noord in Bergen aan Zee.

“Walk along the beach at Egmond aan Zee to Bergen aan Zee and pop in at Strandpaviljoen Noord.”

The North Sea on one side and the dunes on the other. In between lies Egmond aan Zee’s wide beach that merges seamlessly with the Bergen aan Zee beach. If you walk at a steady pace, it will take you about 90 minutes before Strandpaviljoen Noord at Bergen aan Zee looms into full view.

Nice to know

Bergen is famous for being an artist colony. Lots of artists lived and worked there and in the early the 20th century, the Bergen School, a Dutch painting movement, was established.

  Wandelen naar Bergen aan Zee (Strandpaviljoen Noord)
Address: C.F. Zeiler Boulevard, Bergen aan Zee
Open: March to October daily from 9am to midnight