Street art stroll

Although KOR is technically a museum, rather than having a physical building, it uses the city as the ‘gallery’ for its unusual collection. Download the free audio tour and set off on foot to discover the city’s 130 works of art. 

“Download the KOR audio tour and discover the unusual works of art in city centre ‘galleries’.”

The KOR (Art in Public Space) audio tour takes you to various ‘galleries’ along a 2.5 km route. You start at Apeldoorn station and walk to the railway tunnel, which is the first ‘gallery’, displaying an installation of ten photos. You will then come across a work of art entitled ‘Het Rode Blok’. If you’d like to know more about the artist and their work, download the audio tour – or book a guided tour – and start your walk through the museum where you are allowed to touch all the exhibits. 

Hey, did you know?

The purpose of the KOR museum is to bring people’s attention to art in public space and get them to take a different look at works of art that they would usually walk, cycle or drive past.

  KOR Apeldoorn
Address: Stationsplein 8a, Apeldoorn (start of audio tour)
Open: daily day and night 

Museum KOR Apeldoorn