Step on board with Spido

When you’re in Rotterdam, something not to be missed is a cruise through the port. So step on board with Spido.

They'll take you along the Nieuwe Maas, past giant ships and let you see huge cranes handling the containers.

See for yourself how the huge cranes handle containers.

Each year, hundred of millions of cargo is handled in the Port of Rotterdam, which has grown into one of the largest ports in the world. To get an impression of what goes on there, a port tour is an absolute must.

Your boat manoeuvres between the busy ocean-going and inland vessels and sails from the shipyard to the dock. As you glide over the water you can also enjoy the views of the impressive skyline and of course the iconic Erasmus Bridge.

Hey, did you know?

Each week, cruise ships moor on the Wilhelmina Quay near the World Port Centre. The ship’s horn announces their imminent arrival.

Rotterdammers and tourists enjoy watching these floating cities sail into port and the quayside is a hive of activity.

Address: Willemsplein 85
Open: check the website for departures

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