Sensational Science

Ever seen aluminium float? Or watch a pin roll upwards? For young researchers, the Universiteitsmuseum is sensational. Here, you can discover science by exploring it yourself. So, put on a lab coat, roll up your sleeves and experiment away!

“See special objects, preserved animals and skeletons and discover your inner scientist: in the Universiteitsmuseum, science truly comes to life.”

See special objects and preserved animals in the Cabinet of Curiosities, discover what science is in the KnowledgeLab or see skeletons in the Bleulandkabinet: where should you start? In the Universiteitsmuseum, science is brought to life for a large audience. It’s particularly fun for families, as children are challenged to bring out their inner scientist. For instance, estimate how big a shark was by means of a shark tooth.

Hey, did you know?

Have a cup of coffee in museum garden De Oude Hortus, a surprising piece of green in the middle of the city. You’ll find lots of special, exotic plants in and between the greenhouses, such as the ginkgo biloba and the Victoria amazonica.

Address: Lange Nieuwstraat 106, Utrecht 
Open: see website