Seat of political perils

You haven’t seen The Hague until you’ve experienced the grandeur of the Binnenhof (Inner Court), for centuries the heart of Dutch political life.

Take a guided tour through the Upper and Lower Houses and the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights).

“A guided tour will also take you to the Ridderzaal from where the King’s Speech is delivered on Prince’s Day.”

A walk through the buildings of the Binnenhof will take you to chambers that you usually only see on TV. See the throne the Ridderzaal from which the King’s Speech is delivered on Prince’s Day. This hall is also the venue for official state dinners. The Upper House with its green seats is the location for annual Grand Dictation of the Dutch Language. Finally, you’ll see the chamber where the Lower House convenes. If you’re lucky, it will be in session.

Hey, did you know?

Another interesting part of the Binnenhof is the Little Tower, which used to be the Home Secretary’s office. When the Home Office moved to a different location in 1982, it became the Prime Minister’s office.

Address: Hofweg 1, The Hague (ProDemos Visitor Centre)
Open: check the website

Binnenhof, Den Haag