Sailing south to Zutphen

Zutphen is less than15 minutes’ drive from Gorssel. This centuries-old city on the IJssel became hugely wealthy during the Hanseatic period by transporting herring, butter and beer.

Zutphen boasts numerous museums, gardens, merchants’ mansions, churches and ware­houses.

On the Whisper Boat, you can find out how the Hanseatic city of Zutphen acquired its wealth.

Although you can explore the city under your own steam, the Whisper Boat is an excellent alternative. You sail past historic buildings along canals, discover breath­taking spots along the River Berkel, which meanders through Zutphen until it joins the IJssel.

An enthusiastic volunteer, who happens to be the skipper, tells you about the history of the city. He knows the waters like the back of his hand and navigates them expertly, which is just as well because there are plenty of obstacles.

Hey, did you know?

Zutphen is also known as the Tower City due to the large, historic buildings that shape its sky­line.

  Fluisterboot Zutphen
Address: Rijkenhage 1, Zutphen (Leeuwenhuisje)

Fluisterboot Zutphen