Rustic donkey ride

We all know the game pin the tail on the donkey, but did you know that you can go trekking on a real donkey at the mini-campsite De Vetweide in Almen, about 10 kilometres’ cycle ride from Gorssel? 

“Let your children explore the Almen area on the back of a donkey.”

Will you get Toos, Bertha, Josje or Fieke? In total there are twelve donkeys here, braying as they wait to trek through the area. Before setting off, you can groom them and listen to some instructions. Then the trek can begin. Children aged four or older and weighing up to 40 kg may sit on the donkeys. You can select a standard trek or one that includes a picnic. There is also a large playground with equipment, go-karts and a big sandpit. 

Nice to know!

It’s often said that donkeys are stubborn and stupid, but did you know that this is completely untrue? They are actually intelligent and careful animals. Whereas horses bolt when they see dangerous situations, donkey remain where they are and reflect on how to respond.

  Wandelen met een ezel 
Address: Dorpsstraat 7, Almen
Open: by appointment 

wandelen met een ezel Almen