Rough ride on a fatbike

Heads up for early birds and sports fans! At 8.30am every Sunday you can join in the Lola Fatbike Experience at Lola Bikes & Coffee. Led by a guide, you set off on a rugged bike with big fat tyres for an unforgettable ride the woods, dunes and beach.

“Before speeding off to the beach on your fatbike, you can all drink a great cup of coffee together.”

The meeting point for your rough ride is Lola Bikes & Coffee. Before speeding off on your fatbike, you can all drink a cup of coffee made with beans from Amsterdam’s famous Bocca roasting house. A handy thing to know is that you’re welcome at this coffee bar even if you don’t love bikes. There is a cycle workshop at the rear while at the front, in the bar, it’s all about coffee as the barista lovingly brews cappuccino topped with latte art.

Nice to know

Lola Bikes & Coffee is close to Noordeinde Palace, the King’s working palace and home of the royal stables. In addition to horses and coaches, the royal family’s fleet of cars is also kept there. In summer, the palace is always open to the public for a few days.

  Fatbike experience at Lola Bikes & Coffee
Address: Noordeinde 91, The Hague
Open: see website

Lola Bikes & Coffee