Relaxing in the ZandZeeBar

Are you cycling across the island and do you see Formerum on the road signs? Head for the beach and colourful beach pavilion ZandZeeBar. The great ambience in this bar makes you want to stay all day, as does the immensely delicious menu with beach food.

“At ZandZeeBar, they’ve mastered the art of ultimate relaxation: you’ll definitely want to spend all day here and enjoy the delicious beach food on the menu.”

ZandZeeBar is a great place for drinks and bites. The menu includes a bread platter with dip, oven-baked nachos, bitterballs, pickled fish and calamari. So, put your feet up and order. The comfy lounge sets on the patio, the Balinese décor and, of course the location on the beach and by the sea make for a relaxed atmosphere. If the weather isn’t as fine, the Terschellinger coffee with Juttersbitter and whipped cream is a great way to warm up.

nice to know

ZandZeeBar is a mobile-free beach pavilion. Therefore, you’re asked to keep your phone and laptop in your bag and chat with your neighbour. Of course, you’re allowed to take photos, though.

  ZandZeeBar Formerum
Address: Badweg 6, Formerum
Open: see website

Badweg 6