Relaxing on the Rijnkade

As soon as the sun is shining, the Arnhem citizens rush to the Rijnkade to find a spot on one of the many patios.

The quay itself is also a popular spot for relaxing by the water. No wonder, with such a fine view of the Rhine.

“Sit down by the Rijnkade and enjoy the fantastic view of the river the cuts the city in two.”

You can find one patio after the other on the Rijnkade. It doesn’t really matter where you sit down, because it’s mainly about the fantastic view of the Rhine that cuts the city in two. Do you also want to go the other side? From May up to and including September, you can catch the ferry ASM1 to the spot where the Arnhemse Scheepsbouw Maatschappij used to be located. Nowadays, this area is knowns as the Stadsblokkenwerf (City Block Wharf), where you can have a drink at the Werfpaviljoen and tea garden.

Hey, did you know?

Arnhem wasn’t situated on the Rhine until 1530. Before then, the city wasn’t by the water, but the river flowed around Arnhem. When a new Rhine bed was dug, the city came to be situated on the Rhine. Or the Nederrijn really, as it is a branch of the Rhine.

Address: Rijnkade, Arnhem
Open: various opening hours patios
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Rijnkade, Arnhem