Straight to Recht

Have no idea which patio to choose for a bite to eat or drink? Dive into the Van Kinsbergenstraat and step into number 1: restaurant Recht. This restaurant is situated in a beautiful monumental building, the dishes are honest and delicious, and the atmosphere is wonderful. What more could you wish for!

“The slogan ‘straight from the heart’ is true to its word: at Recht, you’ll be served honest and delicious food.”

With the slogan ‘straight from the heart’, restaurant Recht emphasises that you’ll be served honest and delicious food. They certainly live up to this promise. The presentation of the dishes is so lovely that you’ll definitely make your Instagram followers jealous with a picture. Be sure to save room for a delicious dessert a-la-carte, such as the warm chocolate cake with marinated pineapple. Aren’t you here for dinner? Take a seat on the charming patio with a glass of fine wine.

Hey, did you know?

The Van Kinsbergenstraat is also called ‘t Proefstraatje (which translates as the Sampling Street), because this is the culinary street of Apeldoorn.

  Recht Apeldoorn
Address: Van Kinsbergenstraat 1b, Apeldoorn 
Open: daily


Recht Apeldoorn