Pure Soap at Werfzeep

Would you like to follow a truly special workshop? How about learning to make soap? At Werfzeep, a traditional, organic soap manufacturer on the Westerkade, you can learn the basics of this trade in one morning.

“During the soap workshop of Werfzeep, you learn how to make soap based on traditional methods in one morning.”

Which ingredients do you need to make soap? What are ethereal oils and why does old-fashioned soap have such a stringy sensation? All these questions are answered during a soap workshop at Werfzeep. In just a few hours, you’ll learn how to make soap based on traditional methods. This means the soap isn’t boiled but is aged cold. This means the soap you’re making won’t be done until after 30 days. During the workshop, you can choose the oil or add herbs and plants from your own garden.

Hey, did you know?

The soap atelier is located in creative hotspot Druk. In the front of the building, you can find Koffie Leute, that offers the entire Werfzeep product range.

  Koffie Leute
Address: Westerkade 30, Utrecht     
Open: see website
Online: werfzeep.nl

Koffie Leute