Try those Poffertjes!

You should get poffertjes (small fluffy pancakes) at a poffertjes stall, right? Not in Dordrecht, because this city has a true poffertjes salon on the Groenmarkt, where they have been making traditional poffertjes since 1932. And of course, you’ll get these old-school-style with powdered sugar and butter.

“Each Dordrecht citizen knows: at Visser’s you’ll have the best poffertjes in town.”

Visser’s poffertjes salon is a fixture in Dordrecht. Each citizen walking past Groenmarkt 9 knows that this place makes the best poffertjes in town. The recipe of the Visser family is secret, but you can still see the art of making poffertjes at the large copper pan. In addition to the five different kinds of poffertjes, the menu also features a few small dishes. Their meatball sandwich, for instance, is a solid second. It’s also a great location for drinks and bites!

Nice to know!

Not only Visser’s poffertjes are famous. The business’ building is special as well: the façade has semi-round arches above the window and inside, the tile wall in the kitchen shows its history as a butcher’shop.

  Visser's Poffertjes
Address: Groenmarkt 9, Dordrecht 
Open: see website

Visser's Poffertjes