Picture-perfect pavilion

If you want to take a photo that typifies Domburg, there’s no better location than the Bath Pavilion.

This stately edifice stands proudly on the dunes and has been a listed building since 1983. These days Het Badpaviljoen houses a restaurant.

If you want to send a postcard of Domburg, be sure to select one showing the iconic Bath Pavilion.

Domburg is the oldest seaside resort in Zeeland and best described as picturesque and fashionable. Mainly wealthy tourists have been coming here for the sea air and expanses of forest and dunes since the 19th century.

Since 1889 the iconic feature of the resort is the Bath Pavilion which used to be a spa hotel. The pavilion underwent restoration in the 1990s. Sit on the terrace with a drink and a sea view to experience the glory and allure of yesteryear.

Hey, did you know?

During restorations, the Bath Pavilion’s ballroom was returned to its original condition. These days it can be hired as an elegant location for weddings, seminars and business meetings. The interior of the restaurant was styled by leading interior designer Eric Kuster.

  Het Badpaviljoen
Address: Badhuisweg 21, Domburg 
Open: check the website
Online: www.hetbadpaviljoen.nl

Het Badpaviljoen