Picnic in the Palace Garden

There are plenty of patios in The Hague, but you can also spend a summer’s day in the Palace Garden with a well-filled picnic basket – just like the locals do.

This small city park used to be the backyard of Noordeinde Palace, but it’s been open to the public since 1954.

“Have a picnic in the park, while King Willem-Alexander might be working just a few feet away behind his desk in his working palace.”

It’s almost hard to believe the park has a royal background. The Palace Garden with its lovely ponds and flowers mostly feels like a regular park. Yet, King Willem-Alexander is often working only a few feet away in the working palace. The Royal Stables, which houses the Golden Coach, are also right around the corner. In the meditative labyrinth, you can find your inner peace and yoga lessons are organised there on Sunday mornings from May through September.

Hey, did you know?

In the year 1783, the first hot air balloon took off in the Palace Garden. A manned hot air balloon followed two years later.

Address: Prinsessewal, Den Haag  
Open: check the website 
Online: www.denhaag.com/en/palace-garden