Panoramic pavilion

You can’t really say you’ve been to Terschelling until you’ve sat in De Walvis (the Whale). This well-known beach pavilion could actually be in the most beautiful location in the Netherlands: the Green Beach. Warm yourself up with a Jutters-Bitter! 

“The view from the terrace is so gorgeous, it’s like looking at a painting!”

If you cycle to De Walvis and you spot a free seat on the terrace in front of the pavilion, park your bike as quickly as you can because the view from this spot is just like a painting. You get a wide view across the mud flats, the Noordsvaarder nature reserve and the island of Vlieland in the distance, as well as a vast expanse beach at low tide. Be sure to order a Terschelling Jutter: a mild herbal liqueur that’s guaranteed to warm you up. 

Nice to know!

Noordvaarder, a vast stretch of sand on the west side of Terschelling, is a lovely nature reserve for walks. You’ll find wet valleys, windy dunes and rare species of plants such as parnassia, black sedge and early marsh orchid. Bring your binoculars along to spot birds such as avocets, hen harriers and curlews. 

  De Walvis
Address: Groene Strand 1, Terschelling
Open: see website

Paviljoen De Walvis