Sailing on the IJssel River

Starting in April, you can use the bicycle and foot ferry from Gorssel to cross the IJssel to Wilp: the Dommerholtsveer.

On the other side you can enjoy cycling along the foreland, with a stop at De Kribbe for refreshments.

As soon as the ferry between Gorssel and Wilp is back in service in April, cycling enthusiasts can once again tour the floodplains of the IJssel.

Cycling enthusiasts can't wait for the ferry near Gorssel to be up and running again. Because that offers many more cycling possibilities, such as a round trip along the IJssel via Zutphen or to Deventer for a tasty snack. But even if you don't want to take a long bike ride, you can cross over with the Dommerholtsveer. Half a kilometer away is De Kribbe where you can have coffee. There is also a museum that tells you more about the history of the old farmland using agricultural vehicles.


Hey, did you know?

The farms around Wilp are built on mounds because of the risk of high water. This is because the Wilp Clay, the cultural-historical landscape, is an overflow area that floods during very high water.

  Het Dommerholtsveer Gorssel
Adress: Veerweg, Gorssel

Het Dommerholtsveer Gorssel