Solve and Escape

Do you have a penchant for solving mathematical puzzles and riddles, can you work together in a team and do you keep a cool head during difficult and stressful situations?

Try your hand at a Real Escape Room with a group of friends or family and try to escape within an hour.

Do you dare to enter the basement room of Kelly and her favourite doll and will you manage to escape mistress Hazel?

From The Precious Room and The Class Room to The Bath Room, The News Room and The Wanna Play Room. In Dordrecht, you will find no less than five escape rooms, four of which have a horror theme. One of the most popular and frequently booked rooms is the Wanna Play Room. In this room, Kelly lives together with her favourite doll. As soon as you enter her basement room, the door is locked. The clock starts ticking… You’ll have sixty minutes to escape or you’ll be Kelly’s basement buddy for the rest of your life.

Hey, did you know?

Does your group consist of children or would you like to visit an escape room with your family? Opt for The News Room. This room is suitable for all ages and mainly aimed at fun.

  Real Escape Room
Address: Vest 108, Dordrecht

Real Escape Room, Dordrecht