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On safari in the city

You don’t necessarily need to board a plane to see elephants, sea lions and penguins. Because in the heart of Amsterdam you can visit them at Artis, the oldest zoo in the Netherlands.

“From bucking zebras to the most magnificent live specimens fluttering around in the Butterfly Garden: there is so much to see at Artis.”

Once your tour of Artis starts, you’ll understand why Amsterdam families take out subscriptions to this zoo. You just don’t have enough time for your eyes to take in so many animals. There’s everything from bucking zebras to the magnificent residents of the Butterfly Pavilion. Then there is the Micropia too, where you can discover the smallest organisms in the world. If you need refreshments, drop in at the Twee Cheetahs restaurant with its island playground and view over the Savannah.

Nice to know

Artis was founded in 1838 to foster a knowledge of nature. The park’s first occupants were parrots, apes and a Surinamese forest cat. A year later, they were joined by newcomers including an elephant, a tiger, a panther and a pair of lions.

Photography: Ronald van Weeren & Maarten van der Wal

address: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, Amsterdam
open: November to February daily from 9am to 5pm
March to October daily from 9am to 6pm
June, July & August, open every Saturday until sunset
online: artis.nl/nl/language/


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