Musical Melodic Stories

Museum Speelklok is perhaps not the first museum that comes to mind when you think of Utrecht, but it’s certainly the most cheerful one.

Let the self-playing musical instruments surprise you; from the smallest music box to the largest barrel organ.

“During the Musical Tour, an enthusiastic guide will take you along the self-playing instruments and talks about the special stories attached to the instruments.”

What sort of self-playing musical instruments does the museum have? The barrel organ, of course, but also music boxes, automatic musical instruments, string instruments, musical clocks, orchestrions and carillon bells. All these instruments can be seen and heard in Museum Speelklok. During the Musical Tour, an enthusiastic guide will lead you past the instruments and you’ll discover the special stories attached to the instruments. You’ll also discover which instruments people used to have in their homes.

Hey, did you know?

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 14.00, there’s a special children’s tour. The children can also hunt for the favourite song of monkey Toon in the museum with the special ‘Toonkaart’ (Tune Card).

  Museum Speelklok  
Address: Steenweg 6, Utrecht  

Museum Speelklok