Mill in Remarkable Location

When you examine the prints of Haarlem from past times, you’ll see it often: Mill De Adriaan. Thanks to its picturesque location by river het Spaarne and its height, the mill has been one of the most prominent buildings in Haarlem throughout the centuries.

“Visit one of the most prominent buildings of Haarlem, mill De Adriaan, where you can discover everything about the way the mill works on seven floors.”

Mill De Adriaan is a stage mill from 1779. It burnt down in 1932 but was eventually rebuilt in 2001. That was a great decision, because this mill is part of Haarlem. On the various floors (seven in total), you’ll find a lot of information on mills in general and De Adriaan specifically. You’ll also discover the age-old function of converting wind into power. Try your hand at it yourself with the quern-stone – a hand mill – and grind some flour yourself.

Good to know!

On the patio of Restaurant Zuidam, you can enjoy the view of the Spaarne river sitting beneath the mill. Here, you’ll see sailboats, sloops, yachts or inland vessels pass by.

  Molen De Adriaan
Address: Papentorenvest 1a, Haarlem  
Open: see website


Molen de Adriaan