Mighty Medieval Ruins

Relive the medieval times at the Ruins of Brederode in Santpoort-Zuid. This was once the castle of the powerful Brederode family, but the building was destroyed during the Hook and Cod Wars in the 15th century. Only the keep, the strongest part of the castle, is still standing.

“Admire the historic ruins outside the winter months, because that’s when the bats winter here.”

The Ruins of Brederode are one of the first national monuments of the Netherlands, where you can admire the historic remains throughout most of the year. Except for the winter months when the ruins are the domain of the bats that winter there. The ruins regularly offer fun activities, such as a bird show with a falconer or a coffee concert. Be sure to climb the keep for a stunning view. Here, you will also find an exhibit on torture devices.

Hey, did you know?

Every last Sunday of the month, a tour of the ruins is given at 13.00 and 15.00.

  Ruïne van Brederode
Address: Velserenderlaan 2, Santpoort-Zuid 
Online: ruinevanbrederode.nl


Ruine van Brederode