Lunch at Lokaal 16

If you happen to be in Den Burg around lunchtime, be sure to stop at Lokaal 16. This hip restaurant has all a delicious menu, featuring salads and shakes, as well as traditionally baked sourdough bread. And before we forget: they also have great coffee!

“In the summer, the cosy courtyard is a great place to enjoy a healthy shake.”

Lokaal 16 is located in a great building behind the large shopping street in Den Burg. You can start your day with breakfast, have a cup of coffee from Texelse Branding (locally roasted coffee beans) or be tempted by all the sweet treats on the menu. Try the homemade banana-date cake fro example. The shakes are also very tasty and healthy; they’ll give you an immediate energy boost. In the summer you can enjoy your shake in the cosy courtyard or order a sandwich to go.

Hey, did you know?

Den Burg is the largest and most important town on Texel. It has plenty of patios, special shops and fun restaurants.

  Lokaal 16
Address: Gravenstraat 16, Den Burg 
Open: see website

Lokaal 16