Local eco eatery

Klein Berlijn is great because they serve excellent coffee, a superb lunch menu with local produce, and children are more than welcome. Plenty of reasons to drop in. 

“There are tasty kids’ dishes on the menu, such a ‘Buurman & Buurman grilled sandwich’ or ‘slaatje voor mijn maatje.”

When you enter Klein Berlijn you’ll understand right away where it gets its name from. The interior, with its unfinished floor, bikes on the wall and hotchpotch of furniture, reminds you of the gritty character of the German capital city. Although there’s an international feel about the place, the menu is as local as can be. They harvest their own vegetable at the Ecological Veg Garden in Emst. The menu also has tasty kids’ dishes, such a ‘Buurman & Buurman toastie.

Hey, did you know?

Klein Berlijn stands on Hoofdstraat, formerly Dorpsstraat. It was decided to rename the street in 1917 as the village character had disappeared. In 2017 the street celebrated its centenary.

  Klein Berlijn
Address: Hoofdstraat 34, Apeldoorn 
Open: check the website
Online: kleinberlijnapeldoorn.nl

Klein Berlijn Apeldoorn