Lip-smacking liquorice

You’ll happily cycle out of your way to buy sweets from Het Dropwinkeltje in Sneek. This nostalgic little shop, which was founded in 1975, sells more than 100 different kinds of liquorice and old Dutch sweets.

“Pick ‘n’ mix nostalgic sweets and liquorice in one of Sneek’s tiniest shops.”

When people think of Sneek, they immediately think of Sneeker Waterpoort or Sneek Week. Another household name in this town is Het Dropwinkeltje. For more than 40 years, it has satisfied Sneek’s sweet tooth with its liquorice and candy. All of the liquorice and old Dutch sweets are displayed in jars from which you can pick ‘n’ mix. From wine gums and cinnamon sticks to Sneek salmiac balls and witches rock. If you’d like to buy a souvenir of Friesland home with you, why not buy some Fryske dûmkes?

Hey, did you know?

As you’re busy eating everything you shouldn’t, why not pop in to Banketbakkerij De Korenbloem in the Galigapromenade, where they make one of the best orange cakes in Friesland. A lot of Frisians serve it with coffee on their birthdays. Almost every baker in Friesland sells them, each to slightly different recipe.

  Het Dropwinkeltje
Address: Scharnestraat 1, Sneek

Het Dropwinkeltje