Coffee in a Kids-proof Place

Would you like a cup of coffee and do you want to be sure the kids will also have a good time? Meneer Paprika in the Koningstraat is the place to be. The bar has a five-metre long Thomas the Tank Engine table. Certainly very tempting…

“Speaking of kids-proof: café Meneer Paprika has a five-metre long Thomas the Tank Engine table.”

Meneer Paprika is one of those places where no one bats an eye when your child knocks over a glass, shouts a little too loudly or throws a temper tantrum. However, there’s not much chance of this happening, because there are so many fun toys! Apart from the long train table, there’s a corner with other toys, such as building blocks, dolls, books, comics and drawing supplies. And next to the café, there’s a huge toy store. Super fun and tempting to take a look. Ideal when you’re looking for a present.

Good to know!

The name ‘Meneer Paprika’ (Mister Pepper) was chosen by one of the founders from her favourite book Deesje by writer Joke van Leeuwen.

  Meneer Paprika
Adres: Koningstraat 19-21, Haarlem 
Open: maandag t/m zaterdag van 9.00 tot 17.00 uur, de winkel sluit van maandag t/m zaterdag een uur later
zondag van 10.00 tot 17.00 uur

Meneer Paprika