Countless Castles

We probably don’t have to tell you that Maastricht is the place to be for a dose of romance. But what makes this picture even more romantic are the beautiful castles only a stone’s throw from the city. The perfect spot for daydreaming, walking or grabbing a bite to eat.

“Maastricht is surrounded by fairy-tale-like castles, such as De Hoogenweerth Castle by the banks of the Maas river and Château Neercanne on the border with Belgium.”

De Hoogenweerth Castle can be found on the banks of the Maas river and looks like it comes straight from a fairy tale. It has its own jetty and is surrounded by nearly four hectares of park garden and water. If you’ve taken a few beautiful photos here, head towards Château Neercanne, a terrace castle with a stunning view of the Jekerdal. The baroque garden serves as a patio in the summer. The grounds also house two restaurants that have been awarded stars, including one with a Michelin star.

Hey, did you know?

When you’re at Château Neercanne, you can also step across the border and drive to the Belgian town of Kanne.

  Château Neercanne​
Address: Cannerweg 800, Maastricht (Château Neercanne)
Open: Check the website

Château Neercanne