Into the darkness

Did you know that there is a 14 km network of tunnels beneath the city of Maastricht? The inhabitants came up with this idea so they could hide in wartime and mine marl. These days there are guided tours you can take all the family there for an exciting adventure.

“If you’re brave enough, take a tour through the dark Sint-Pietersberg caves.”

If you’re brave enough, take a tour through the Sint-Pietersberg caves. Remember to wear warm clothing because the temperature only reaches about 12ºC. During the tour, your tour guide will tell exciting stories and as it’s so dark (take a torch along), you learn to trust all you senses. When expedition is over, have a drink at Chalet Bergrust and enjoy the view of the city. In addition to the child-friendly cave tour, there are regular family tours in the North Caves.

Nice to know!

The vault something not to miss in the North Caves. It is where national treasures such as Rembrandt’s Night Watch was hidden. 

  Grotten Noord Sint-Pietersburg
Address: Luikerweg 71, Maastricht (next to Chalet Berglust)
Open: see website

Grotten Noord Sint-Pietersburg