In vino veritas

Neude features in the Dutch edition of Monopoly, but this square is best known for its bars. For a glass of excellent wine, there is only one wine bar everyone wants to go to: Wijncafé Lefebvre. Good luck finding a place to sit though, especially at weekends!  

“The sommeliers are happy to let you taste a few wines before you choose one.”

Wijncafé Lefebvre is one of those places you’ll always come up with a good reason to meet up at, because each glass of wine you drink there has its own tale to tell. Every bottle of wine on the list at Lefebvre has been carefully selected with love and passion. If you’re overwhelmed by the choice, the sommeliers will be happy to let you taste a couple of wines before deciding. Feel free to ask about a particular vintage, they love talking about their wines here!  

Hey, did you know?

In 2015, Wijncafé Lefebvre won the ‘Best wine bar in the Netherlands’ award.

  Wijncafé Lefebvre
Address: Neude 2, Utrecht 
Open: see website

Wijncafé Lefebvre