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Hugo’s Great Escape

If it’s time to brush up on your Dutch history, then Loevenstein Castel is a good place to start. Here, you enter the world from which Hugo Grotius wanted to escape. 

“Children are allowed to climb into the book chest, just like Hugo the Great did on 22 March 1621.”

The adventure begins as soon as you walk through the castle gates. You walk along narrow streets lined with barracks, across the drawbridge over the moat, trying to discover how on Earth Hugo Grotius managed to escape during the Eighty Year War. Especially for children, the story of his escape is told and they are allowed to climb into the book chest, just like Hugo Grotius did in on 22 March 1621. 

Nice to know!

Loevenstein Castle stands in the midst of the beautiful, rugged Munnikenland nature reserve. The Dutch Forestry Commission organises regular family outings, during which a guide talks about the water as well as the flora and fauna – such as the herd of Konik horses – you may encounter there.

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