High Time for High Wine

You can discover that wine goes far beyond the choice of red, white or rosé and dry, sweet or fruity during a high wine at Brut. This fun food & wine bar arose from a great passion for wine and would love to take you along in the world of wine.

“Discover fun wine and food combinations with the accompanying stories about the wines.”

During a high wine at Brut, you can discover fun wine and food combinations. You’ll receive four courses with four matching wines for € 26.50. The Brut crew will tell you more about the wines and why they go so well with a particular dish. And that’s fun to know, isn’t it? In addition to high wine, Brut also offers petit dinner from 14.00. These are cold and hot antipasti with glass of fine wine as well. If there’s room, the city garden is an absolute must!

Nice to know!

Women are better wine tasters than men. The explanation is genetic: women have a better developed sense of smell, which is precisely what you need when tasting wine.

Address: Groenmarkt 121, Dordrecht
Open: see website
Online: ditisbrut.nl