Hip harbour lounge

When it’s time for a drink, head for Loods on Willem Barentszkade. In the fashionable building on the site of the former Terschelling shipyard, you can now sit on an Eames chair to enjoy island mushroom croquettes and a glass of good wine.  

“A trendy place to have a drink against a panorama of Waddenzee and colourful buoys.”

When you head out of West-Terschelling and carry on along the Waddenzee, you can’t miss Loods. This restaurant’s modern looks make it immediately noticeable. What immediately stand out are the coloured chairs on the terrace and the huge panoramic windows. The views they offer of the Waddenzee, passing ships is and colourful navigation buoys certainly worth a photo. Inside you can relax and warm up in front of the open fire.  

Nice to know!

Opposite Loods, in the port area, we find De Betonning, the storage place for colourful navigation buoys and which once a year is turned into a vibrant venue where the annual Oerol cultural festival is held. The festival features site-specific theatre, art and musical performances.  

Address: Willem Barentzkade 39, West-Terschelling 
Open: see website
Online: loods-terschelling.nl

Loods Terschelling