Hike through the heather

If you feel the need to get out in the open, go for a hike over the Gorsselse Heide, a forest with heathland. The nature reserve is a hatching ground for the greater spotted woodpecker, hawk and buzzard. If you’re lucky you might even spot a lizard or crested newt. 

“Have a good look around because you might spot a crested newt or a spotted woodpecker.”

De Zevensprong restaurant in Joppe is the starting point for several walks over the wet heather moor. Don’t be surprised if you see a target mound as the area used to be a military shooting range. Interestingly, one of the bullet traps in the former bunker has been converted into a bat shelter. To learn more about the area you can also join one of the excursions organised by the Marke Gorsselse Heide. This foundation has managed the area since 2009.

Nice to know!

The building on Dortherdijk, which currently houses De Zevensprong, has been a restaurant for almost 100 years. Located in the middle of the forest, it marks the start and finish of lots of walks.

  wandeling Gorsselse Heide
Address: Dortherdijk 6, Joppe (Restaurant de Zevensprong)
Open: check the website  
Online: http://www.markegorsselseheide.nl

Restaurant De Zevensprong