Hurry to the Halkade

Haarlem is a great starting point for trips and outings. Of course, Amsterdam’s the obvious choice, but there are also other surprising cities and villages within a 20-kilometre radius. Take port city IJmuiden, for instance, where the hip Halkade is becoming a culinary hotspot.

“The new restaurant businesses in IJmuiden’s warehouse-like units on the Halkade will put a smile on every foodie’s face.”

When you navigate to the Halkade, you’ll get to the sea port. The new warehouse-like units with (restaurant) businesses are immediately noticeable and will certainly make foodies happy. The Harbour Espressobar, for instance, where they’ve got the right equipment for brewing a superb cup of coffee. Another hit is Oscar, a boulangerie where they bake with homemade sour dough. To replenish all your kitchen necessities, go to Base Cooking Store, the cooking shop of famous TV chef René Pluijm.

Good to know!

The Halkade is still in development. The still empty buildings will be filled by entrepreneurs in the fresh sector.

  Halkade IJmuiden
Address: Halkade 19a, IJmuiden (The Harbour)  
Open: see website


Halkade ijmuiden