Fun at feeding time

Goats, sheep and chickens can all be found at Kinderboerderij De Veenweide. There’s more besides free-range animals though, such as a playground, a coffee room with terrace and educational activities. 

“Come along at the end of the afternoon when the children can help the keepers feed the animals.”

You can visit Kinderboerderij De Veenweide (Petting zoo) all day long but it’s best to go there towards the end of the afternoon at feeding time when the keepers could use a little help. They can tell you all kinds of interesting things about the animals that roam around the farm. The organisers also run ‘rucksack’ routes that teach seasonally appropriate subject matter. For instance, the spring rucksack is all about young animals. 

Nice to know!

In 2017, De Veenweide became Soest’s eco-friendly educational centre with the completion of plans for informative walks and sustainable playgrounds.  

  Kinderboerderij De Veenweide
Address: Vedelaarspad 53, Soest 
Open: see website

Kinderboerderij De Veenweide